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Exercise Drill Program

Chapter 31 - The Simple Preposition r

Current Mode: Sequential Practice

r dpt
to the ship
r ìw pn
to this island
r hrw 3
for 3 days
10 r 10
10 by 10 (cubits)
r hp
according to law
r ḫt nbt
more than any thing
r b3k·f nb
more than any (other) servant of his
spr·n·n r ẖnw
We reached home, lit. "We reached to home".
ìṯ·n·f wì r st·f nt snḏm
He took me to his dwelling place.
r dmì n ˊrwn3
at the town of Aruna
prì·f r t3ˊn3k
It, i.e. the road, mṯn emerges at Taanach.
spr·n ḥm·f r rsy mktì
His Majesty reached the south of Megiddo.
r b3k·f nb
more than any (other) servant of his
t3 in columnar form followed by t3 in linear form.
ḫrw pf n nhrn ẖst
that enemy of vile Naharin
m rn n nsw n ìpt-nsw n ḥwt-wrt 6
[I acted] in the name of the king in the royal apartments and in The Six Great Houses.
s3b ìry nḫn
senior warden for Nekhen
mì, m
D38 is a forearm with hand holding a rounded loaf.
E17 is a jackal; logo./det. in s3b dignitary, worthy; prefix in titles, s3b šs senior scribe.
dignitary, worthy
s3b šs
senior scribe
E23 is a recumbent lion; in group writing used for r as in ˊrwn3
M29 is a pod from a sweet smelling tree.
O46 is a domed building, older form of O45.
O47 is a prehistoric building at Hieraconpolis; logo. in nḫn Nekhen, Hieraconpolis.
Nekhen, Hieraconopolis.
Nekhen, Hieraconopolis.
O48 is a Domed Building, an alternative form of O47; logo. in nḫn
Nekhen, Hieraconopolis.
S39 is a peasant's crook.
U33 is a pestle.
pḥwy n mšˊ·f n nḫtw r dmì n ˊrwn3
The rear of his army of victories (was) in the town of Aruna.
spr·k r ẖnw·k n 3bd 2
You will reach your home in 2 months.
r sr·f nb
more than any (other) official of his
hrw n ḥb hˊw-nswt
the day of the festival of the king's coronation
h3b·n wì ḥm·f r 3bḏw
His Majesty sent me to Abydos.
pr pf n snt·ì
that house of my sister
m-ẖnw ìnbw r dmì n t3ˊn3k
in front of the walls of Taanach
spr·n ḥm·f r dmì n mktì
His Majesty approached the town of Megiddo.