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Exercise Drill Program

Chapter 30 - The Suffix Pronoun Indirect Object

Current Mode: Sequential Practice

rdì·n·ì t n ḥḳr
I gave bread to the hungry.
rdì·n n·f nsw pr
The king gave the house to him.
ìr·n n·f snì ìmy-r šm’w
My brother performed the overseer of Upper Egypt for him.
rdì·n n·f sw nswt
The king gave it to him.
rdì·n·f n·f pr
He gave the house to him.
h3b·n·f n·ì ḫ3wt tn n hrw 17
He sent me this altar in 17 days.
rdì·n·f n·f sw
He gave it to him.
ìp·ì n·k sn
I will count them for you.
R1 is a table with loaves and jug; logo./det. in ḫ3wt altar, table of offerings.
altar, table of offerings
W22 is a beer jug; logo./det. in ḥnḳt beer.
X3 is a loaf, alternative form of X2.
X6 is a round loaf bearing the mark of the baker's fingers.
rdì·n wì ḥm·f m ìmy-r nìwt
His Majesty appointed me mayor of the city.
(r)dì·n·ì n·f p3 šfdw
I gave that papyrus scroll to him.
h3b sn ìmy-r ˊww
The overseer of mercenaries will send them.
ḏd·n·f n smr wˊty
He spoke to the Sole Friend of the king.
smì·n st sr n nswt
The noble reported it to the king.
ìṯ·n·ì n·k sn
I took them to you.
sḫpr·n·sn n·s ḫt
They made a fire for her.
ìp·n sn ṯ3ty n ẖnw
The vizier counted them for the Residence.
ìp·n ṯ3ty ṯs(w)t n ẖnw
The vizier counted the troops for the Residence.
ì3š·n sw ìmy-r ḥwt
The overseer of the estate summoned him.
ì3š·n ìmy-r ḥwt ìmy-r pr
The overseer of the estate summoned the overseer of the house.