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Exercise Drill Program

Chapter 26 - Simple Prepositions and the Preposition m

Current Mode: Sequential Practice

m 3w·s
in its length
m m3't
in truth, truly
m šmw pf
in that summer
m hrw 6
in 6 days, for 6 days
m sḫr·ì
by my plan
ìì·k m ḥtp
You will return in safety.
m ìnr
of stone, lit. "in stone", i.e. consisting of stone
m ìm(3)w n ḥm·f 'nḫ wḏ3 snb
in the tent of his Majesty, l.p.h.
h3b·n·ì sn·ì m ìw pf
I sent my brother from that island.
ḫt·ì nbt m š3
all my things in the country, i.e. my country things
rdì·n wì ḥm·f m ìmy-r sḏ3wtyw
His Majesty appointed me chief treasurer.
ìr·n ṯ3ty dpt nt mḥ 120 m 'w·s
The vizier made a boat 120 cubits long, lit. "of 120 cubits in its length".
'nḫ wḏ3 snb
may he live, be prosperous, and healthy; abbrev. l.p.h.
'nḫ wḏ3 snb
may he live, be prosperous, and healthy
m ì3t·ì
in my office of ....
ìw·k m sš
You are a scribe, lit. "You are as a scribe."
The t3-wr nome.
F4 is the forepart of a lion. Logo. in ḥ3t "front".
G4 is a long-legged buzzard, often difficult to distinguish from G1.
R17 is a wig with band and plumes on a pole; nome standard for t3-wr called "This" by the Greeks.
R18 is a variant of R17 over N24, used as the t3-wr standard.
S19 is a cylinder seal attached to a bead necklace. Logo. in sḏ3w "seal bearer", sḏ3wtyw "treasurer", ḫtm "seal".
seal bearer
prow rope of a ship
W17 is three water pots in a rack. Phon. in ḫnt "in front of".
in front of
W18 is four water pots in a rack; OK form of W17.
h3b·n·ṯn sn m ìw pn
You sent them from this island.
rdì ṯw ḥm·f m ì3t ḥry-sšt3
His Majesty will appoint you to the office of Keeper of the Secrets.
s m pr pf
the man in that house
m33·n sš ḏd swt
The scribe saw the pyramid "(Teti)" is Enduring of Places.
wbn r' m pt
The sun will rise in the sky.
ḫd·n s3 nswt m dpt
The prince travelled downstream in the boat.
m33 mwt s3t·s m nìwt
The mother will see her daughter in the town.