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Chapter 25 - Adjectives of "Other", "Many", "Each", "Every", "All", and "How Many"

Current Mode: Sequential Practice

ḥḥ n sp
many times, often
ḥḥ n rnpwt
a million years
ìt nb
each father, every father
rmṯ nbt
all mankind
s nb
every man
ḫt nb(t) nfrt
every good thing
ḥr nb
everyone, everybody, lit. "every face"
ì3ḳt nbt
every vegetable
ẖrdw 5
five children
dpwt 20
twenty ships
C11 is a god with arms supporting the sky (can be with or without M4 on head).
O50 is a circular threshing floor covered with grain. Det. in sp "time".
m33·n·f dp(w)t nbt
He saw all the ships.
sp 4 h3b·n sw ḥm·f
Four times his Majesty sent him.
mṯn pf št3 n ì3m
that difficult road of Yam
sr(w) nw ḫ3swt nbt
the nobles of all foreign lands
gm·n·s ky sn
She found the other brother.
sḫpr·n b3k(w)t·sn ḫt tn
Their maid servants made this fire.
ìr·n ḥm·f p3 tḫn n mḥ 20
His Majesty made this obelisk of 20 cubits.